Lohri Festival 2020

Lohri Festival 2020

Lohri is a prominent harvest festival very close to the heart of natives of North India who joyfully get along with their family and friends each year. Lohri is usually celebrated on January 13th every year, in the Paush month, according to the Hindu Solar Calendar a day before Makar Sakranti. Thus underlines the ending episode of the biting winters.

Lohri festival witnesses tremendous enthusiasm amongst its followers residing in northern regions of India. Being expressed with lots of respect and love, the fiesta can be considered as a Thanksgiving Day in North India, especially in Punjab, and its uniqueness can be estimated with legendary folk songs and dances promoting its significance even in the other parts of the country.

lohri 2020

As such there is no shortage of beautiful songs but the most famous one includes; Sunder mundriye ho. Tera kaun vicaharaa ho! Dullah bhatti walla ho. Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho! This one and other celebrated songs are sung by the children visitors who remind the celebrators of a thief, Dulha Bhatti according to folklore, who supported the downtrodden, and also fought for their rights. Thus are gifted with sweets, savories and money.

The actual celebration of the lohri festival commences during the night. The celebrators following the ritual of throwing delicious food items like popcorn, peanut, etc. in the holy fire, symbolizing that all is being presented to God of Fire, Agni so that evil comes to end and a period of new blissful life starts.

So, show your immense participation during the main festivity by visiting the houses of your dear ones, enjoy lavish dinners with sarson ka saag & makki ki roti and thus bag some happy and prosperous moments for new born babies or if you have a newly wedlock couple in your family.

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